Joe Maddon makes more sense for White Sox than Tony La Russa

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The news is still fresh but the Los Angeles Angels have fired manager Joe Maddon, The Angels were much better than anticipated to start but are currently on a 12-game losing streak. As a bubble team in 2022, management decided to cut ties with Maddon and go in another direction.

The Chicago White Sox have a very similar record to the Angels. They have been changing lineups on a daily basis and still haven’t found the right combination of what will work for them. Manager Tony La Russa appears to be a little bit out of touch with what’s going on.

Maybe the White Sox need to take a long look at Maddon and consider him a possibility for their manager position. There are a few advantages that Maddon has when compared to La Russa and it just might work out.

For one, Joe Maddon has already established himself as a winner in the city of Chicago. He won a World Series championship with the Chicago Cubs in 2016 so he has made his mark in the city. Bringing on a familiar face may make the legions of White Sox fans happy.

The Chicago White Sox might be better off with Joe Maddon than Tony La Russa.

To go along with that, we know that Maddon can win. He helped bring the Cubs out of the doldrums of losing and helped them earn a huge World Series win. So perhaps he can take the Sox and make them a winner again.

Someone has to do something. This team has too much talent to waste and the gap for getting into the World Series with the talent that they have is narrowing fast. Maddon may be able to get them over the hump.

Maddon is also younger than La Russa and being a little younger may put him a little bit closer to his players. Some have felt that La Russa is a little out of touch with his guys.

Maddon is no spring chicken but he’s a little bit younger and may be able to understand the White Sox players better and get them on a good path.

So, would Maddon be better than La Russa as skipper of the White Sox? Perhaps if he was to be given the job as the manager, a fresh start would help get this team in the right direction. Maddon is skilled, has a lot of knowledge, and is well organized. He might be just what the White Sox need.

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