“Fire Tony” chants break out at Chicago White Sox game

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

Things are very up and down on the south side of Chicago right now when it comes to baseball. It seems that whenever the Chicago White Sox has some momentum, they blow it. That showed on Saturday when they blew multiple 3 (or more) run leads.

Tony La Russa has been under scrutiny for most of this very bad season. They are in third place in the American League Central Division when they were supposed to win it by double-digit games as they did in 2021. Now, the fans are starting to get angry.

Yes, there have been injuries. Yes, the players have not been perfect. However, it is so clear that La Russa is a big reason that this team has been awful. Nobody is really put in the best position to succeed and he is largely to blame.

We all remember their most recent series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Tony let two very winnable games get away because of horrid in-game management and bad lineups. Now, this blown win against the Rangers should be the final straw.

“Fire Tony” chants have broken out at Guaranteed Rate Field. They chanted it during extra innings because of La Russa’s very bad bullpen management. Instead of using high leverage relievers, they used some of their worst bullpen arms and the Rangers were able to come back.

Some interesting chants were made at the Chicago White Sox game on Saturday.

This should be it for Tony. Nobody actually believes that the White Sox will do it but they should. This team is again, despite injuries, a very talented group. They should be much better than this. The lineup has the potential to be so good but the wrong guys are put in the wrong places. It’s a mess.

There are a lot of games left in this MLB season for them to get it right. They also, according to opponent winning percentage, have the easiest schedule left in the American League. These are all things that they can take advantage of if they just make the big move of firing the manager.

If they let this go on for too long, they won’t be able to come back from it. This is a team that is way too good to be this mediocre. It is time for the White Sox to listen to the chant.

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