The White Sox provided an injury update on Yasmani Grandal

(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)
(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have been scoring a lot of runs lately. That is a sentence that fans have been begging to hear since mid-April. A big reason for that has been the play of Yasmani Grandal. Following a rough start, he has been really good at the plate over the last few games.

Unfortunately, the White Sox just can’t seem to buy nice things. Yasmani Grandal was a hitting machine in the first half of Saturday’s game against the Texas Rangers. He went 2-2 but got hurt while running to first on the second hit.

It appeared to be something with his lower body and he tried to walk it off. It was looking like he might stick around but he eventually came out. Reese McGuire replaced him as a pinch-runner in the sequence. He then took over catching duties the rest of the way.

During the later stages of the game, the White Sox provided an update. They said that he departed the game with left hamstring tightness and is being further evaluated. That is not the best news as we all know how hamstrings can be. We also know this could all just be precautionary.

Yasmani Grandal is someone that the Chicago White Sox needs to be healthy.

The White Sox needs Grandal to be okay. There are a lot of people that were not happy with his play and rightfully so. He was awful at the plate and he isn’t an amazing defensive catcher.

However, we all knew that he was going to come out of the slump soon. Unlike some of the other struggling White Sox hitters, he doesn’t look overmatched at the plate. He has just been having some bad luck with his bat and that was starting to turn.

We have to hope that he is okay so that he can keep his offensive momentum going. We saw in 2021 just how good he can be. If he was able to get back to that in 2022, they would win a lot more games.

If Grandal is hurt for a while, it will be interesting to see what move comes of it. Obviously, McGuire would take over as the full-time starter but they would need a backup. Danny Mendick is in no shape to be a catcher anymore as he is carrying some heavy infield duties these days.

Seby Zavala is someone that will get consideration. We saw a lot of him last season. If Grandal ends up being okay, that will mean that the White Sox dodged a major bullet and he can continue swinging the bat well.

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