3 Chicago White Sox trade packages for Kyle Hendricks

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Chicago White Sox, Gavin Sheets
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The Chicago White Sox could trade away a position player for a starting pitcher.

The Chicago White Sox don’t have much for Gavin Sheets right now. Yes, he is a left-handed power hitter which would be nice to see them keep but his bat hasn’t been as good as it was last year. He can probably get that going again (he has been better since being recalled) but the White Sox need to do something.

He is also a first baseman just like Jose Abreu and Andrew Vaughn so having him play the outfield as often as he does is just irresponsible. A young rebuilding team like the Chicago Cubs might be able to get the most out of a guy like Gavin Sheets at this point.

Kade McClure is currently listed as the number 27 prospect in the White Sox organization. He is nowhere near a lock to make it to Major League Baseball but he is in AAA trying to do so. At 26 years old, he is probably hoping it comes sooner than later.

The White Sox will probably never use him in the long term so shipping him off for another team to try is not a bad idea. Pairing him with Sheets who probably does have some value could get Kyle Hendricks over if the Cubs really do want to move on from him. He certainly isn’t going to help them win a World Series any time soon so they might as well get something for him.