3 offseason targets we’re glad the White Sox didn’t sign

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Chicago White Sox, Javier Baez
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Javier Baez. 28. player. 63. . SS/2B. Detroit Tigers

The Chicago White Sox already have offensive problems and don’t need more.

The Chicago White Sox fans got to see Javier Baez a fair amount as he played most of his career so far with the Chicago Cubs. He was mostly an All-Star level player with them as he could hit the ball far and play incredible defense. For a long time, he was the complete package.

The Cubs decided to trade away their entire core (or let them go in free agency) and Baez was one of the victims. He was traded to the New York Mets at the 2021 deadline. Things did not go well there as he was fine but the team did not take that step into the playoffs.

Over the offseason, he decided to take his talents out of New York and join the Detroit Tigers. Going into the year, with the addition of Baez, the Tigers believed that they would be one of the better teams in the American League but they have failed to meet that expectation.

Luckily, they paid Baez to be a borderline bad baseball player and the White Sox didn’t invest all of that money in him. The White Sox would have had him play second base in all likelihood which would have been nice for his defense but his bat would have left a lot to be desired so far.

Obviously, for all three guys, we don’t know how they would have played if they came to Chicago but it is good to know that the Sox aren’t locked into the bad contracts. People get on them for being cheap and it is true but sometimes being cheap can help you too. We have to hope that they can now use that money that they saved to help them win more.

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