Ozzie Guillen made powerful comments on White Sox postgame

(Photo by Brian D. Kersey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brian D. Kersey/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are in trouble. They lost to the Cleveland Guardians again on Monday night. They were down 5-0 early because Lance Lynn was awful and then when they rallied back to get within one run Tony La Russa didn’t manage his team right.

Something has to give here. This team that came in with World Series aspirations is going to be under .500 at the All-Star break and is in the conversation for the most disappointing team in the entire league.

It has been time to let the manager go for a long time now. First, it started with baseball-related things as he makes horrid lineups, is poor at managing the bullpen and has no good baseball strategy at all. Tony La Russa was once one of the best but now he is one of the worst.

It isn’t just baseball things anymore. Now, there are reports out there that they are a clubhouse filled with negativity. It is also obvious on the field that half of the team doesn’t even care to be there anymore. What was once a fun young team is now looking like an old washed-up team.

We all know how legendary Ozzie Guillen is in this town. He is the only manager alive to bring a World Series to the south side of Chicago. Now he is a co-host on NBC Sports Chicago’s White Sox postgame show. He is always great but he had some powerful words after Monday’s game.

Ozzie Guillen had some powerful things to say about the Chicago White Sox.

These are some powerful words from the former White Sox manager. It is clear that he sees a lack of leadership on this team. It is also clear that he is starting to think that Tony La Russa is no longer the guy for this team. Ozzie is starting to say what everyone else is saying about it.

This whole situation has a chance to get pretty messy before it starts getting better for the White Sox. What we are seeing this season from everyone is the worst-case scenario. We can only hope that it doesn’t get to the point where this team ruins any years beyond this one.

Ozzie would be a great option for the job but we know that it is never happening. The organization has made mention of it a bunch before in the past. Tony La Russa is going to be the guy for now but they are not winning anything with the ship being run like this.

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