2 ways to fix the Chicago White Sox before the trade deadline

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Chicago White Sox, Mike Trout
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The Chicago White Sox needs to make some upgrades across certain positions.

Trade for Mike Trout:

It might be a pipe dream but it’s the one thing that would for sure turn this team around. The Angels have proven that they can’t win with Mike Trout so it might be worth it to trade him and build around Shohei Ohtani who is younger.

If a Mike Trout trade is a possibility, the White Sox should come calling because there’s no team that could benefit more from a Trout acquisition than the Chicago White Sox.

If Trout can turn the Sox season around and get them winning in the playoffs, it would cement his legacy as one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

Why would the Angels do this? Because the team is going absolutely nowhere as they have for several seasons now. With Mike Trout nearing age 31, he’s about to enter into the decline phase of his career and his big contract might prevent the Angels from re-signing Ohtani.

Plus, the Chicago White Sox have players both in their major and minor league systems that could be of great interest to the Angels. And no, you wouldn’t have to trade an entire team for him because taking on Trout’s contract and declining years would lessen his trade value.

After bypassing Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, the White Sox have the flexibility to add Trout’s salary to their payroll and this is the one thing that would salvage the reputation of the front office and ownership with the fans.

Trade for Ian Happ:

The Cubs infielder/outfielder is the kind of player that Tony La Russa thinks Leury Garcia is. Happ would be especially helpful at positions the Sox have struggled at this season, particularly left field, right field, and second base.

Acquiring him would take at-bats away from Leury Garcia and Josh Harrison, something that is desperately needed. Most importantly, Happ would provide a good bat for a team that desperately needs one.

Of course, it’s a question if the Cubs would be willing to trade Happ to the White Sox, especially without getting a lot in return. The White Sox can’t afford to overpay for him as they did for Craig Kimbrel so Rick Hahn should not even think about including someone like Colson Montgomery in this trade.

They should instead try to trick the Cubs by offering a prospect of theirs they secretly know is overrated. Regardless, he would be the perfect addition to this team so they should consider trading for him.

Trade for Jose Quintana:

The former White Sox pitcher is having a solid season with the Pittsburgh Pirates and it shouldn’t take too much to re-acquire him. I don’t know how he fits into the rotation but we’re not at a point where the White Sox don’t have a need for more pitching arms, especially left-handed ones.