Juan Soto would be amazing for the Chicago White Sox

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(Photo by Brett Davis/Getty Images) /

If you haven’t already heard, Washington Nationals superstar outfielder Juan Soto has turned down a $440 million contract offer from his current team and is now a possibility to be traded.

The Chicago White Sox might want to take a long look at trying to trade for Soto. Granted, it might be a little out of their wheelhouse to make a trade like that but if the White Sox want to win, they need to at least think about it.

Soto is a top-end outfielder, a great hitter, and a team leader. He is what the White Sox need to help get their outfield together and give them some leadership out there.

His bat is electric and having his ability to crush the baseball and go yard consistently would be a huge help to this White Sox team hit the ball on a regular basis.

So, what might it take to get Soto to the White Sox? There would have to be a lot traded away to get the Nationals to bite on a deal. We might see players like Eloy Jimenez and/or Luis Robert be traded away.

The Chicago White Sox would be so good if they added someone like Juan Soto.

There might be cash considerations that go over to Washington to bring in a guy like Soto. There would likely have to be a huge package put together to get him. Would the Sox be willing to give up a lot to get him?

And would they be willing to pay as much as Soto is going to command? Remember that the Sox aren’t one of the biggest spenders when it comes to their players.

Maybe it’s time that they realize that they need to spend more to get better but will owner Jerry Reinsdorf be willing to give up that much money for one player? While it’s likely he won’t, you just never really know.

It would behoove Chicago to at least consider a trade for Soto weighing all their options appropriately. If they want to win, they need to consider getting some additional talent that is going to help them do that and Soto would be a move in the right direction.

Let’s see if the Sox take a long look at Soto and pass or if they decide to take a chance on him. They just can’t give away the farm trying to get one guy and it’s highly doubtful that they will do that if they even try for Soto at all.

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