The White Sox have a clear MVP on offense for the first half

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Chicago White Sox fans know the struggles that the Sox have had hitting the ball during the first half of the season. They have also witnessed some defensive blunders from several of the position players that have left them scratching their heads.

The White Sox have several “decent” position players on their team but it’s been difficult to pick one that has stood out above the rest in the first half of the season.

Yes, there is All-Star Tim Anderson, who has played at a high level and is consistent at the plate but has struggled defensively at times and doesn’t have that powerful of a bat at times.

There is another player on the team that has proven himself to be a consistent hitter and one of their most reliable players.

The Chicago White Sox has one position player that deserves this honor.

The first-half MVP for the White Sox is Andrew Vaughn. Vaughn is proving himself to be consistent at the plate as well as whatever position it is he plays. He rarely makes mistakes.

He’s a cerebral player that is one of the best hitters in the American League. Vaughn has come through in the clutch and is there when he’s needed the most.

Despite a hand injury a little bit earlier in the season, Vaughn has been a steady factor on offense. He currently has a slash line of .301/.350/.470. He has been at bat 279 times, has hit the ball 84 times, and has an OPS of .820. Vaughn has registered ten home runs and 48 RBIs with 51 strikeouts.

On defense, Vaughn has been solid committing just three errors on the season. That is pretty good for a player that has played multiple positions.

Of course, we must remember that Vaughn has been a designated hitter quite often which doesn’t put him on the field but when he is out on the field, he’s been okay enough.

Vaughn should continue to be a rock-solid high performing hitter for the remainder of the season. Watch for him to be in the lineup as much as possible over the course of the season whether it be at a position or at DH. He’s an asset in the lineup and must be in it as much as possible.

Anderson narrowly missed this first-half MVP honor due to his errors early on. He’s still right up there and well deserving of his being named an All-Star. Vaughn was just a little more consistent.

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