A Juan Soto trade would have to include these 3 White Sox prospects

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The Chicago White Sox are getting ready for a huge run at the American League Central Division in the second half of the season. They were brutal for most of the first half and still find themselves at .500. They think they are set up for sustained success but that is always hard to predict.

The present is the most important thing for this White Sox team as their roster is constructed to win right now. They still have a few holes that they can fix with just a few tweaks but they could also go for the home run.

Juan Soto is one of the best players in Major League Baseball right now. He is going to be on the block as he rejected a massive offer from his current club in the Washinton Nationals.

In the extremely unlikely event that the White Sox tried to trade for him, these three prospects would need to be included:

Norge Vera

Norge Vera would be a great fit in a Chicago White Sox trade for Juan Soto.

If Washington is going to trade one of the greatest players in the game, it is going to be the biggest story in the sports world. If that does in fact happen, they are going to want every team’s top pitching prospect and for the White Sox, that is Norge Vera.

Vera is currently listed by MLB dot com as the number five prospect in the White Sox system but he is the highest ranked pitcher there. The righty is currently playing in A ball so it will be at least a couple of years before he makes it to the big leagues.

If the Nationals do move Soto and the White Sox somehow made it to the table for an offer, you would have to think that Vera is a part of it.