A Juan Soto trade would have to include these 3 White Sox prospects

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Chicago White Sox, Oscar Colas
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Oscar Colas

The Chicago White Sox could move on from Oscar Colas if the right deal is made.

The Chicago White Sox landed Oscar Colas during the winter in what was once the worst kept secret in baseball. We knew that the White Sox were going to land Colas out of Cuba about a year before it became official but it was nice to hear once it finally happened for sure.

They have great faith that he will one day be a staple in their starting lineup. As of right now, he is listed by MLB dot com as the number two prospect in the organization. That is exactly the type of player that can come in and make an impact on Major League Baseball at some point.

The Nationals would almost certainly need him included in a Juan Soto trade. They need to stock up on good prospects as they continue their rebuild and Colas would be a nice upgrade. He wouldn’t be their number two guy as they have a better farm right now but he’d be up there.

The upside on Colas has to make any team excited. If he doesn’t ever get traded then he will be relied on in a Chicago White Sox uniform but they could consider him in a big deal for a talent upgrade. A Juan Soto deal is incredibly unlikely but Colas would be a part of it if it wasn’t unlikely.