The White Sox desperately need Yoan Moncada to be good

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have many big-name players in their lineup. Jose Abreu, Tim Anderson, and Luis Robert are just three of several players that are considered big named batsmen.

There is another player, Yoan Moncada, that could be considered a big bat as well but he has struggled a little bit this season. Thankfully for the White Sox and Moncada, he has picked up his play and was playing quite a bit better heading into the All-Star break.

The White Sox are going to need all hands on deck when it comes to making a run at the postseason in the second half. They can’t afford to have anyone that isn’t pulling their weight in the lineup and Moncada needs to keep improving so that he can pull his own weight.

It would appear as if he is poised to do just that. Hopefully, his resurgence will continue into the second half of the season and he will be an asset to the lineup. The White Sox desperately need him to play well.

The Chicago White Sox need Yoan Moncada to be the best version of himself.

Through the first half of the season, Moncada’s slash line is .213/.263/.337. His batting average has gone up a few points recently thanks to his strong finish to the first half of the season.

His OPS is currently sitting at .600 and he has hit a total of 38 balls in 178 at-bats. His home run total is at five so far. Those aren’t great numbers but they are getting better.

In the past, Moncada has proven that he has the power to hit the long ball and the wherewithal to hit consistently. It appears as if he is finally starting to hit consistently and make himself an asset to the team which is encouraging.

Having a hot Moncada will go a long way towards making the Sox offense a good one. If he can remain consistent and perhaps get a little bit better, it’s easy to say that his contribution to the team will help them win a few games. The White Sox needs Moncada to continue to play as he did heading into the break.

Moncada is fully capable of continuing his upward climb into the ranks of the “average” and could get even better. He should get better. He must get better. If he doesn’t get better, then the White Sox will need to look at replacing him for the long term.

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