The Chicago White Sox can trade a catcher to the TB Rays

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The Chicago White Sox are a team that has a bevy of talent but still finds itself somewhat devoid of it in certain places. With the Major League Baseball trade deadline fast approaching, the White Sox may use this as a way to build themselves up a bit and bring in some additional help.

There is one team that could use one of the assets that the White Sox currently has. A week ago, we wondered what would happen when catcher Yasmani Grandal came back from his rehab assignment for back spasms.

You had to figure that one catcher of the three that the White Sox are currently carrying on their Major League roster, Reese McGuire might be the odd man out and could be sent away. Due to injury issues, the White Sox are keeping all three with the club for right now.

Now, an opportunity has come up that the White Sox may not be able to refuse. It appears as if Tampa Bay Rays catcher Mike Zunino is about to have surgery that will cause him to miss the rest of the season. With the White Sox having an extra catcher available, a deal between the two of these teams would be an excellent idea.

The Chicago White Sox should be looking at the Tampa Bay Rays for a trade.

Should it be McGuire that goes or should the White Sox let Seby Zavala out of Chicago and on to sunny Florida?

It’s not really about who we think will go but more about who makes sense to send in a trade to the Rays. The Rays will want a player that fits their scheme well and whether that’s Zavala or McGuire is something that the Rays would have to determine.

It probably should be McGuire that goes because he could bring the highest return. Although Zavala is better and could ultimately end up bringing more in on a trade, the White Sox would take a hit letting him go and would weaken themselves.

This is not about weakening the team but making it stronger. What could the White Sox get in return? Who and or what would the Rays be willing to give up in return for one of the two catchers?

At this point, prospects may be the best but if the Rays had a decent starter that they were willing to give up, they just might take the bait and get one of the White Sox catchers. A backup at second base might be ideal as well as an outfielder.

The White Sox aren’t going to get the likes of Wander Franco for McGuire or Zavala but they are going to have to try to get some value for the player that they send to the Rays should they make the trade.

The next few days are going to be very interesting for the White Sox as well as the rest of Major League Baseball. It’s been said that the Sox are interested in making a trade or two so why not send a catcher to the Rays?

It would only serve to help both teams, giving the Rays something they need. For the White Sox, perhaps something they need but more of something that they want.

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