3 White Sox trade packages for Frankie Montas that win the division

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The Chicago White Sox have already made mentioned that they are in the mix for some pitching. Anyone great would certainly help but it would be extra nice if they got someone who is a very good starter in case of an injury or poor play.

One person whose name has been thrown around is Frankie of the Oakland A’s. They are in last place in the AL West and he seems to be on the block. Whether it’s now or in the offseason, it would definitely be a big-time trade.

The White Sox may or may not have the ability to get a trade for him done but they should really give it a try. Adding a big-time arm like that would make this pitching staff that much better.

If a deal were to get done between the White Sox and Athletics, it might end up looking something like this:

The Chicago White Sox would make so much sense for Frankie Montas right now.

The Chicago White Sox might be able to get Frankie Montas as a starting pitcher for the rest of the season. He was once a member of the White Sox before they traded him away a few years ago. That was a mistake that they would love to make up for.

Norge Vera, Jared Kelley, and Romy Gonzalez are all prospects that could be impactful players one day. In the case of Gonzalez, he has made his MLB debut and could come up and play some games for the rebuilding A’s.

Jake Burger is for sure an MLB-ready hitter that can bring a lot of power to a team. He is currently wrapping up a rehab assignment as he was bit by a pitch in the hand. When he returns to MLB, he will be ready to hit. The A’s would love a guy with that much power right now in a Montas trade.