3 new White Sox manager replacements for Tony La Russa

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3. Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon might consider coming back to Chicago to manage the White Sox.

There are going to be some people that don’t like this suggestion but the fact of the matter is that Joe Maddon has been a successful manager in his Major League managing career. He has taken two different teams to the World Series and ended a 108-year drought with the Chicago Cubs.

He once made the city of Chicago his home and was very successful there. He is clearly someone that is comfortable there and didn’t expect to leave when he did. Coming to the White Sox would be another great challenge for him.

You might point to his tenure with the Los Angeles Angels that took place after his time in Chicago. Let’s be honest, the greatest manager who ever lived wouldn’t help them right now. They have Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani and can’t manage to do anything.

Since Maddon was fired, the Angels lost a game where they hit seven home runs in by a score of 8-7. That place is on fire and nobody is saving it any time soon. Nothing there was fully Joe Maddon’s fault.

He might not be the best long-term answer but he would be worlds better than Tony La Russa. He, along with the other three on this list, should be considered.

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