Ozzie Guillen told an amazing story about Michael Jordan

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(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox won a big game on Sunday to complete the sweep over the Detroit Tigers. They got what they needed from everyone in the lineup to secure the big win and a playoff spot is that much closer to being theirs after a rough start to the season. There is still a long way to go.

After the game, Ozzie Guillen and Chuck Garfien do what they do normally and broke everything down on the postgame show for NBC Sports Chicago. It is one of the best postgame shows in Major League Baseball every single day.

Ozzie took a minute from talking about the game to tell a story about Michael Jordan and it was one of the coolest things you’ll hear. Jordan was “retired” from basketball to play baseball and he was with the White Sox on a bus when the bus ran out of beer.

He went on to tell about how he told Jordan to go get them more beers and he did while the bus was stopped. According to Ozzie, Jordan was a rookie and he was the captain. Anything he did in the NBA didn’t matter to either of them at that point in time.

Chicago White Sox legend Ozzie Guillen told a great story about Michael Jordan.

It was one of the coolest stories you’ll ever hear Ozzie tell on the show because we know how much of a legend he is in the town of Chicago but Jordan is on a level of his own. Everyone needs to listen to it on their own because just reading about it doesn’t do any justice.

The White Sox fans and White Sox organization are so lucky that Ozzie Guillen is on this show. He may or may not get a job managing again but the day he leaves is going to be tragic for the program. He is very entertaining, thoughtful, and smart which makes him a great panel host.

It was cool to hear a story about two Chicago sports pillars and their conversation that led to them drinking some beers while playing cards on a bus. Of course, Jordan eventually went back to the NBA and won another couple of championships but his little time in baseball is iconic. Ozzie did everyone a favor by sharing that story.

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