Chicago White Sox: Colson Montgomery news is surely exciting

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox were rained out on Sunday morning/afternoon so the only news handed out was off-the-field-related stuff. They started off by revealing that Yasmani Grandal avoided a major injury and should be back after 10-14 days.

The good news wouldn’t end there for the day, however, as it came out that Colson Montgomery earned another promotion in the organization. He has been brought from high-A ball to AA where he will play for his third White Sox affiliate of the 2022 season. That is amazing news.

The White Sox believe that Montgomery is a big part of their future so it is good to see him having such a dominant beginning to his professional career. If he keeps developing at this rate, he will be in Major League Baseball soon enough.

An interesting note about Montgomery’s promotion is that he isn’t the only one. All of the most notable players in A-ball are getting promoted to AA Birmingham to get them all in one spot. That could be a smart way to go about things as they try to get the farm back to a respectable level.

The Chicago White Sox has promoted Colson Montgomery amongst others to AA.

The good prospects that are already in AA now have a reason to stay there as well. You might see someone like Oscar Colas stay there now as all of the top guys in the organization can kind of come up together.

“Project Birmingham” is something that is a new idea that the White Sox are trying. They believe that the 2020 Alternative Site was good for the young players as they were all able to receive the same things as they grow together. It is an interesting thought that just may work.

The team in AAA is going to stay the way that it is and continue being the feeder to the Major League squad that is trying to make the playoffs. We have seen a guy like Lenyn Sosa make his way up to MLB from AA but that may not happen again anytime soon with this new project.

Montgomery is the most important prospect in the White Sox system right now but it is good that he is able to be surrounded by other players on the same development path. That is something that is healthy for all of them. Hopefully, this new idea sticks and works for the organization.

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