3 former White Sox to replace Tony La Russa as manager

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Chicago White Sox, Ozzie Guillen
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3. Ozzie Guillen

Now would be a great time for the Chicago White Sox to bring Ozzie Guillen back.

Unlike AJ Pierzynski and Sandy Alomar Jr., Ozzie Guillen was not a catcher. However, like both of them, he played for the Chicago White Sox. Ozzie played shortstop and played his first 13 years in the league on the south side. He finished with short tenures in Baltimore, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay.

Guillen, of course, also managed the White Sox already in his career. He would be perfect to come back right now. Ozzie is the greatest manager in the history of the Chicago White Sox and Chicago sports in general because he is one of the few to win a championship.

Ozzie Guillen led the White Sox to a World Series title in 2005. As mentioned before when talking about AJ Pierzynski, it was the greatest team in the history of the incredibly historic franchise and he was the biggest part of it as he led the way.

He knows what it takes to win the final game of the season as a manager. With the roster that the White Sox currently has, he would be so perfect. There are a lot of players that would likely respond to his managing and take their game to the next level. We saw that with multiple guys in 2005.

We don’t know if Ozzie or any of these guys would actually be considered but they are good candidates for this team that played for them at one point in time. Tony La Russa has been brutal so pretty much anyone replacing him at this point would be a win.

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