White Sox top-30 prospects list has a major shakeup

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MLB Pipeline came out with its new farm system rankings on Tuesday and it had an upgraded ranking for the Chicago White Sox. Some teams might be annoyed by a ranking of 26th but when your last ranking was dead last, it is an improvement.

The White Sox have graduated a lot of their talent to the MLB level over the last few years and it has caused the system to take a hit as a whole. However, they have been doing what they can to try and get it back to a respectable level.

The rankings of the individual players within the White Sox organization have been interesting to see. There are some new faces on there and a lot of good players have risen to the top. A lot of disappointing players have also fallen a little bit.

For one, everyone is happy with the 2021 first-round pick Colson Montgomery. He has been sensational in his early days of Minor League Baseball and that has earned him the top spot in the White Sox organization. He is also the only player in MLB’s top 100.

Montgomery is going to be an MLB-ready player soon enough. The organization also feels the same way about their number two guy, Oscar Colas. He isn’t in MLB’s top 100 right now but he is close.

This is someone who has been developing nicely and could be patrolling the White Sox outfield very soon. These two are the biggest reason for the White Sox climbing out of the worst ranking and getting back a little bit of respectability.

The Chicago White Sox farm system is loaded with players that are very talented.

The third player on the list is Noah Schultz. He was Chicago’s first-round pick in 2022 so it is good to see that MLB Pipeline already sees him as worthy of this type of ranking. The ceiling for him is extremely high and it would be great to see another first-round pick turn into something.

White Sox fans have seen Lenyn Sosa make his MLB debut this season. He jumped straight from AA and now finds himself back in AAA until they need him again. His outstanding development has been the reason that he got that call-up and his new ranking (4th) reflects that as well.

Guys like Bryan Ramos, Norge Vera, Jose Rodriguez, Peyton Pallette, Sean Burke, and Cristian Mena round out the top ten. The most notable omission from the top ten is Yoelqui Cespedes who hasn’t had the best season of all time.

He, along with Jared Kelley and Wes Kath are amongst the biggest fallers on this list. They are all extremely talented but need to continue working on their development if they want to become impactful MLB players.

Davis Martin also deserves some love for the way that he has progressed. We have seen him make some really nice starts for the White Sox this season when there were needs for him. He has climbed to the number 12 prospect on this list which is where nobody expected him to be.

Martin can be a very useful player to the White Sox over the coming years if he continues to pitch the way that he has. MLB Pipeline thinks 11 other White Sox prospects have higher ceilings but we already know Martin’s floor and it is really nice.

As mentioned before, there has been a lot of shakeup with this ranking. Some of it is good and some of it is not so good. At the end of the day, the White Sox just need to keep growing so that they can continue building what they hope is a winning organization long-term.

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