3 Chicago White Sox players to cut ties with in September

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The Chicago White Sox needs to remove Joe Kelly as soon as possible.

It was a good idea at the time to sign Joe Kelly because it appeared as if the White Sox were adding an elite deliver to their already good bullpen. He had been a multiple-time World Series champion that should have been able to provide some really nice innings for this team.

Unfortunately, it has been nothing short of a disaster for him no matter what the situation is. He started the year on the Injured List and has been mostly bad since his return. It isn’t worth it to keep him around if you are in charge f the Chicago White Sox roster.

So far this year, he has a 7.45 ERA and a 1.759 WHIP. Both of those numbers are about as awful as it gets which is why he has a -1.0 WAR which is one of the worst on the entire team and he hasn’t even played the entire season.

That is a low WAR for someone who has only appeared in 29.0 innings. To say it has been an awful year would be an understatement. He does have 37 strikeouts in those 29.0 innings pitched which is a really nice total but he allows hits and runs when he isn’t striking people out.

It might not be cheap to DFA him but he can’t pitch for your ballclub in high-leverage situations. His experience is nice to have in the clubhouse but pretty much every pitcher on this current team has been better than him. Even as an opener he failed. Cutting him here in September would be smart.