3 potential Tony La Russa replacements not named Miguel Cairo

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The Chicago White Sox have improved a lot over the last week or so. Tony La Russa left with a health condition and Miguel Cairo has taken over.

Everyone wishes Tony La Russa well and hopes that he gets back to full strength. With that, he just hasn’t been a good fit as the manager this year.

The lineups, bullpen management, and strategy decisions have been poor all season long and they have lost lots of games as a result. You are now seeing what this team can look like with a manager doing the job right.

If Tony doesn’t return for the third year of his contract and they don’t go with Miguel Cairo as the new full-time guy, these are three fresh options to consider:

1. Ron Washington

Seeing Ron Washington replace Tony La Russa would be good for this team.

Ron Washington is currently 70 years old and is the acting third base coach for the defending World Series champion Atlanta Braves. It might be time for him to come out of that role and become a manager again as he was with the Texas Rangers from 2007-2014.

With those Rangers, Washington had a lot of success including two American League Pennants. That is someone who might be able to help this team get over the edge. He has some recent experience coaching deep into the playoffs on the Braves staff and that can help.

If he wanted to consider filling in for Tony La Russa for a year or two, he might really be able to help this team. As a former Major League player that became a successful coach and manager, he could get this team where they need to go.