3 internal options for Tony La Russa’s replacement in 2023

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Chicago White Sox, Ozzie Guillen
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3. Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen replacing Tony La Russa would be great for the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox already won a World Series with Ozzie Guillen back in 2005. It is the greatest year in the history of the team and might always be. However, if Ozzie came back right now it might be a really good thing for this team. Everyone would love him back in the dugout.

Ozzie is currently an analyst on the pre and postgame show on NBC Sports Chicago. He is a full-time member of that team and does an amazing job with it. It is clear that he is still in tune with the game as it is in 2022 and he cares deeply about the White Sox.

It is also obvious that Ozzie still wants to manage in the league as he interviewed for the job with the San Diego Padres last offseason. He didn’t get the job but his desire to manage is still there. It would be so nice to see him come back to the team.

He is eligible to be on this list because he is, as mentioned before, still technically with the organization as a member of the pre and postgame team. He will always be a part of this team because of what he has accomplished with them both as a player and a manager.

It might be wise for the White Sox to think outside of the box but they do like to stick with their own organization with a lot of these decisions. Even Tony La Russa was a manager of the White Sox a long time ago so he was someone somewhat from the old family.

Whether it’s good or bad, they like to do it. If they did go that route again, one of these three candidates would be a great person for the job.

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