Ozzie Guillen speaks the whole truth about Tony La Russa

(Photo by Brian D. Kersey/Getty Images)
(Photo by Brian D. Kersey/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox defeated the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday night at home by a final score of 4-2. It was a game started by Michael Kopech where he was pretty good. The bullpen did its job and the offense scored just enough runs led by Eloy Jimenez and Jose Abreu.

Ahead of the game, however, some words said by Ozzie Guillen should make some people think. Of course, this came on NBC Sports Chicago‘s pregame show with Ozzie and Chuck Garfien. Each of them does a fantastic job every day covering this team.

Ozzie said that Tony La Russa is a distraction by being around the team and they should just make a decision on his return. There is some truth to that.

Of course, his health is most important but if his doctors don’t think he should be there then he shouldn’t be there.

Ozzie Guillen is spot on in his analysis of the Tony La Russa situation this year.

Tony should probably step away for the betterment of himself and the team. He doesn’t need to be the manager of this team right now while he is dealing with a heart condition as he just had a pacemaker put in. That isn’t good for anybody involved.

The team has also played significantly better since Miguel Cairo took over as the manager of the team. He is now 10-4 as the manager in 2022 which has gotten the White Sox back in the race. They still have a long way to go in order to jump Cleveland but this has been a great start.

Ozzie knows a thing or two about this stuff. Unlike any living manager past or present, Guillen has won the World Series with the Chicago White Sox as the manager. 2005 is the greatest year in franchise history and every team going forward is trying to have that team’s magic.

Cairo should be considered for the position when the time to do that is right but focusing on 2022 should be the key for him and all the players. It is obvious that the players see the change in attitude with this team which should make the decision going forward easy.

The necessary moves can and will be made during the offseason but this is the time to go on a run. Hopefully, regardless of what happens, the White Sox are able to pull this divisioon out.

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