Oscar Colas continues to move up in the Chicago White Sox system

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are worried about trying to win the AL Central Division right now. With the Cleveland Guardians in town for three games, they like their chances. At the same time, the future is equally as important as the present.

After the way that 2022 has gone for this team, it is obvious that a few of the prospects that are in the system are even more needed than we thought. Few have made the same impact as Oscar Colas who has been great this season.

Colas signed as an international free agent prospect with the White Sox the last offseason and has been great in the organization ever since. Now, he has his eyes set on playing Major League Baseball.

It came out on Tuesday that the White Sox are promoting him from AA Birmingham to AAA Charlotte. That is significant news after it seemed like the White Sox were going to keep all of their best prospects in AA for the rest of the season.

Oscar Colas has taken another step in his journey to the Chicago White Sox.

He clearly proved that he is worthy of another advancement this season. It is hard to move up as much as he has but we knew that he was a really good player. As it stands right now, he is the number two prospect in the White Sox system.

It is fair to assume that he will now finish the season in AAA. If the White Sox gets mathematically eliminated, you might see him called up to the big leagues for a game or two but the best bet is that he will make his MLB debut in 2023. That day will certainly be fun.

A lot of people want the White Sox to go out and get a big-time free agent to play right field this offseason. Whether that happens or not, you can be confident that Colas will at least be a part of the team in some capacity next season.

Colas wasn’t the only player called up to AA either. RHP Edgar Navarro is also on his way to the Charlotte Knights with Oscar Colas. Both of these guys are hoping to finish the season strong with that Charlotte team that has some nice talent on it.

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