Chicago White Sox lose again to Cleveland with a bad effort

The Chicago White Sox are going to come up just short of the 2022 MLB Postseason. Coming into the season, it seemed as if their third straight playoff appearance and second straight division title were a lock. By the end of May, however, it was obvious that this team was going to have to fight.

The Cleveland Guardians came out and showed them what a real division winner looks like in this series. When game one of this series started, the White Sox played well enough to win but came up short in extra innings. It was a poorly managed game but they still had a shot.

Losing that game though made it feel like the season was over as they were then 5.0 games behind the Guardians for the division lead with 14 left to go. They followed it up with a defeated poor effort on Wednesday night against this same Guardians team.

Chicago had Lance Lynn on the mound who has been a beast in the second half of the season. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a beast in this game and he got shelled. A partial reason, however, for the reason that he got shelled was his teammates.

The Chicago White Sox had a very bad effort out on the field on Tuesday night.

Of course, they provided him with no offense which has been the case for most of the year. They were also poor on defense and some of it was a lack of effort.

You got guys like Andrew Vaughn dropping flyouts that should be caught because he should never be an outfielder. He is a first baseman or designated hitter, that is it. If that isn’t addressed in the offseason, this team truly doesn’t care about winning from the top.

Yoan Moncada had a routine ground ball that he took his sweet time on and the runner ended up being safe. He is an elite third baseman defensively so he gets no sympathy for anything there. His bat is terrible so if he is lazy on defense what good is he?

You can’t follow up a game like Tuesday with a game like Wednesday and expect anybody to take you seriously. It is just a terrible look and the White Sox are getting exactly what they deserve this year. We can only hope that this leads to some big change in the offseason.