White Sox Rumors: Tony La Russa will be out for 2023 as well

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The rumor mill is all over the place for the Chicago White Sox. There were a lot of things that came out about the roster on Tuesday afternoon but the main story is the one about the manager Tony La Russa.

The White Sox announced that Tony La Russa is going to miss the remainder of the season. He has been out since the end of August dealing with some health issues. It isn’t that much of a surprise as there is just about a week and a half left.

It has been a very disappointing season for the White Sox as they are going to miss the playoffs for the first time since 2019. It was a year that began with expectations that they are going to be in contention for the World Series after blowing through the American League Central.

Well, La Russa deserves a lot of the blame. It is a shame that this is the reason that he is done for the year but he probably should have never been hired in the first place because he was ever the right man for the job.

Tony La Russa might not be the man in charge of the Chicago White Sox in 2023.

Now, a new credible rumor suggests that he is also going to be done for the 2023 season which should effectively end his tenure as the manager of the Chicago White Sox. It is claimed to be the condition that is going to keep him away from the team going forward.

The source is Dan Bernstein of 670 The Score as he has been told that La Russa will not be back in any capacity in 2023 due to ongoing health concerns. It is tough to hear that for Tony La Russa the person but it could end up being something that helps get the White Sox trending back up.

Of course, La Russa isn’t the only person to blame here. He had a bad year before his health concerns but this is also a very flawed roster loaded with players that all do the same thing and get hurt a lot.

There are going to be other moves needed to get this team back in contention and finding a better manager is only part of it. Of course, we hope Tony gets through this health scare but he is better off away from the White Sox in terms of managing.

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