White Sox: 3 Wild Card teams that could use Liam Hendriks in 2023

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Chicago White Sox, Liam Hendriks
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3. New York Mets

The New York Mets might be in the market for a pitcher like Liam Hendriks.

The New York Mets are the laughingstock of Major League Baseball. After a year in which they were elite, they still managed to blow a 10.5-game lead in the National League East Division. Instead of having a bye, the Atlanta Braves got it and the Mets had to play the San Diego Padres.

Unfortunately for New York, the Mets are done after losing to the Mets in three games. That great 101-win season was all for not as they only earned one total playoff win. Now, they head into the offseason with lots of questions.

Of course, it isn’t all bad as Steve Cohen is still their owner. He is willing to spend as much money as he needs to in order for this team to compete. He has also shown the willingness to allow his baseball people to buy good players through trade.

We all know about Edwin Diaz and his amazing entrance with the trumpets. However, the Mets didn’t even use him right during the playoffs and now he is a free agent. If he leaves, they will be in the market for a closer. Enter Liam Hendriks. The White Sox could take advantage.

If the Mets or any of these teams are willing to give the White Sox good value for their All-Star closer, they should consider it. Something has to change going into 2023 and Hendriks has amongst the highest trade value right now.

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