Chicago White Sox: Trading Tim Anderson is a terrible idea

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There are a lot of wild takes that float around the Chicago White Sox community on a daily basis. It gets even worst when the team underperforms as they did in 2022 and everyone wants everyone gone. Now, this newest debate floating around is where the line needs to be drawn.

Turning on Tim Anderson is not the move. He has been one of the best players on this team since 2019 and has accomplished a lot. This is a player that is a batting champion, a two-time all-star, and a Silver Slugger Award winner.

Things didn’t go well for Anderson early in his career as he had some ups and downs but he really took off in 2019. Even in 2022 when people started to turn on him, he was an All-Star. His bat was missing a little bit of power but he was still hitting really well.

It wasn’t his best defensive season at shortstop of all time but it certainly wasn’t his worst either. He is never going to win a Gold Glove Award or anything like that but he has always been committed to trying to get better.

The Chicago White Sox should not be trading Tim Anderson anytime soon.

His biggest issue in 2022 was the fact that he got hurt in August and never returned. If the White Sox wouldn’t have been swept by the Cleveland Guardians in September and they had a chance at the playoffs, he might have returned. It was probably smart to shut it down when they no longer had a chance.

Trading Tim Anderson, unless the return is amazing, would be a very bad idea for the White Sox organization. He is the face of the franchise that plays great baseball. He also brings an attitude that this team really needs.

Let’s make one thing clear, not a single player on this White Sox team should be considered untradeable. That even applies to someone like Dylan Cease who has one elite season under his belt. If the price is right, anyone can be moved.

However, this notion that the White Sox should just get rid of Anderson is a wild turn. He was beloved before this season so changing that because the team was bad in 2022 is not the way. He does more for this team than is shown on the field and that means something too.

2023 is going to be a big year for him as he clearly wants to get back to the All-Star level that he was at before his injury took him out. Unless a crazy blockbuster goes down, number 7 should be the leadoff man on Opening Day.

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