White Sox: This former Chicago manager would be a foolish hire

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The Chicago White Sox are looking for a new manager. Health complications have forced Tony La Russa to leave the team and he isn’t coming back. He probably should be gone for baseball-related reasons too but that is a different story. Both sides have moved on.

There are plenty of good options out there that the team is considering. There are also some bad options out there that have had their names mentioned. One of those names is Joe Maddon. This is someone that the White Sox should stay far away from.

For one, he has been a regressing manager for a few years now. The Chicago Cubs started to fall off under him despite having so much talent and the Los Angeles Angels were mostly awful with him in charge.

If he didn’t win the World Series with the Cubs in 2016, people would view him wildly differently. The fact that he is a champion with them should also be a reason for the organization to stay away from him.

The Chicago White Sox should not consider Joe Maddon for their manager job.

He almost blew that season for them in game seven anyway so he isn’t to be trusted. Some of the things that he did with the team weren’t great and he was fired for a reason. As a result of this recent resume, he is not a good fit for these White Sox.

It is time for the team to move in a completely different direction. They can’t just go that route because he is a familiar face in town. There are plenty of better candidates that would do a much better job connecting with the players on this team.

Maddon may or may not get another job in this league simply based on his credentials. That isn’t a reason for a team that should be a contender to hire him though. That is how the whole Tony La Russa thing was spun at first anyway and that clearly didn’t work out well for anyone involved.

This decision is going to be made sometime soon and it is going to change a lot for this team. As long as they don’t make a foolish hire like this, they should be fine.

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