The Chicago White Sox rightfully have no Gold Glove finalists

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox were very bad on defense in 2022. They committed a lot of errors and just weren’t very tight as a unit.

That led to them losing a lot more games than they wanted to. It is something that needs to be addressed during the offseason.

As a result of this, they don’t have a single player nominated for a Gold Glove in the American League.

They have players like Yoan Moncada, Luis Robert, and Jose Abreu who have had flashes of brilliance out in the field but things didn’t go their way as much in 2022.

The Chicago White Sox don’t have any Gold Glove nominations this year.

When you look at the list of players that are nominated for the Gold Glove Awards in the American League, you can see a few trends. A lot of the playoff teams have multiple players nominated.

As you could probably guess, the Cleveland Guardians are well-represented on this list. It is a big reason why they surpassed the White Sox to become the 2022 American League Central Division champions. 

Cleveland has Andres Gimenez at second base, Jose Ramirez at third base, Steven Kwan in left field, Myles Straw in center field, and Shane Bieber as a pitcher. Having five players in the mix for a Gold Glove is a recipe for success.

Even some of the teams in the division lower than the White Sox in the standings had nominees. Luis Arraez, Max Kepler, and Carlos Correa of the Minnesota Twins are on the list. Jonathan Schoop represents the Detroit Tigers.

Finally, Michael A. Taylor, White Merrifield, and Andrew Benintendi are representing the Kansas City Royals (both Merrifield and Benintendi were traded away mid-season). It is honestly a shame that the White Sox doesn’t have a single player nominated.

How do they fix this? Well, there are a lot of ways. They are going to have a new manager who should improve things and put people in a better position to succeed. There also won’t be the shift anymore in 2023 which might change some things up.

It is also on the White Sox players to simply put more effort into this part of their craft. They went 81-81 with bad defense and very underwhelming bats. Imagine if both of those things positively regress to the mean in 2023. They could be a much better team just based on that alone.

This team doesn’t deserve to have any Gold Glove nominees but that doesn’t make it any better in terms of feeling. We can only hope that they turn that around during the offseason.

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