Chicago White Sox: 3 most likely Tony La Russa replacements

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Chicago White Sox, Mike Schildt
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2. Mike Schildt

The Chicago White Sox might be considering a manager like Mike Schildt.

The last time the Chicago White Sox hired a former St. Louis Cardinals manager, it went miserable for them. Yes, that is in reference to Tony La Russa who did not have much life with the White Sox in his short tenure with the team. That was not a good time.

However, that does not mean that the White Sox should stay away from the Cardinals organization when it comes to hiring a former manager. There are a few out there that might make sense for the White Sox. That is an organization that has celebrated a lot of wins in its history.

Mike Schildt is a former White Sox manager to consider. He was let go on mutual terms a couple of years ago and it was a surprise to the entire baseball world. It seemed like things were going well there and we still don’t really know why they parted ways.

If he does end up coming back to the managing ranks, the White Sox would be a great fit. This is still a roster that hasn’t reached his potential and Schildt has helped some other teams grow into their potential before. Keep him on your radar as the White Sox lock down a decision.