This is the scariest option for the Chicago White Sox manager

(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***
(Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** /

The Chicago White Sox has to hire a new manager. They are the last team out there that needs one now that the Kansas City Royals became the third team to do so this offseason. Now, you’d think that the White Sox have all of the leverage when it comes to whoever it is they want.

There are some solid options out there that could all bring something different to the table. However, on this Happy Halloween, there is one situation that is incredibly scary to think about if you are a Chicago White Sox fan waiting for this announcement to arrive.

In 2020, a few days after the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series, the White Sox announced that Tony La Russa was coming out of retirement to be the new manager. It was so obviously a bad hire right when it happened.

It came out even later that it was because Jerry Reinsdorf took over to hire his friend instead of letting Rick Hahn execute his own manager search for the roster that he built. As expected, it was a major failure and now Hahn looks terrible. They proved to be an unserious franchise at the top.

The Chicago White Sox need to avoid this scary option for their manager.

That is the scariest option for the White Sox yet again as they try to replace Tony La Russa. There are some good options out there and they haven’t announced anything yet. It is so fair to worry that this happens again as Reinsdorf is still very much the owner of this team.

The front office can work together, fine. However, he cannot come over the top to force a manager on this team again. It didn’t work last time. In fact, it failed about as miserably as it can. Something has to change in the hiring process otherwise history will just repeat itself.

Now that Halloween is here, it is time to put that scary thought to rest and hire someone that is clearly a good option. The White Sox need someone to come in that has good vibes surrounding them, is good analytically, and can have a great feel for the team. Hopefully, the scare is avoided.

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