15 worst free agent contracts in Chicago White Sox history

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6. Welington Castillo - 2018

Welington Castillo was a terrible signing for the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox have made some bad signings. There were some that took it to a new level while they were rebuilding which is fun to look back on at this point. Welington Castillo was signed to a two-year deal worth 15 million dollars and he had a -1.3 WAR during that time.

He was an awful player for them and they were very lucky that James McCann eventually came along. Yasmani Grandal, although he is also on this list as well (for different reasons), looks like a Hall of Fame catcher compared to Castillo.

Castillo was the first-ever Chicago White Sox player to receive an in-season suspension for PEDs. Again, just a disaster of a signing in every way.