2 extensions the White Sox should make soon and 1 they should avoid

Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros
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The White Sox should extend these two players as soon as they can.

1. Tim Anderson

The Chicago White Sox should want to have Tim Anderson on their roster for as long as they can. He is a very good player that needs to be in this uniform for a very long time. Seeing him leave to go somewhere else would be just wrong.

He has embodied everything that it means to be a White Sox player over the years. It will take over 100 million dollars to do it but it would be worth it.

Anderson brings so much both on and off the field which is what this team needs. He is the face of the franchise and he drives the boat for them in every way. You pay guys like this when their time comes and his time is coming soon.

2. Dylan Cease

Dylan Cease is already starting to give Chicago White Sox fans nightmares when it comes to his long-term tenure with the club.

He signed Scott Boras to be his agent and then had a year in which he became the AL Cy Young runner-up. Both of those things help guys make lots of money in their careers. We could be talking 200 to 300 million if he keeps pitching the way that he has.

If there is a way to get an extension done as soon as possible, the White Sox should be all over it. They need him and they need him badly.