2 particular reasons the Chicago White Sox getting blown out by the Toronto Blue Jays is frustrating

The Sox were blown out 9-2 by the Toronto Blue Jays.
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
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The Chicago White Sox on most nights this season have varied between frustrating and awful to watch. Last night it was both, but more toward the frustrating side.

Rookie pitcher Nick Nastrini returned to the big leagues and was roughed up in the second inning by the Toronto Blue Jays. He gave up seven runs that inning which came with two outs.

Even worse, he had a couple of chances to escape the inning with either no runs or at least less damage as he had the count in his favor, but just could not come up with that out pitch.

Four times that inning Nastrini either had a 1-2 or a 0-2 count. The Jays walked away with four hits and four runs in those instances.

Problems with his command not getting the third strike or a pitch that induces a ground out is what doomed Nastrini in the 9-2 defeat.

Nastrini gave up nine runs, eight of them earned, along with seven hits and walked six is not the most frustrating part of the night. He is a rookie who made his third career start. He was dynamic in his debut and looked like a guy still developing in his second start.

Getting roughed up is part of the development process.