2 particular reasons the Chicago White Sox getting blown out by the Toronto Blue Jays is frustrating

The Sox were blown out 9-2 by the Toronto Blue Jays.
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The other particularly frustrating part is the White Sox proved yet again that they cannot do the little things correctly.

Technically sound as Pedro has it as part of the FAST acronym that his team is incapable of playing.

For example, Martin Maldonado called a terrible inning during that nightmare second inning. He had Nastrini throw two straight changeups in the same location during Kevin Kiermaier’s single that helped load the bases. Davis Schneider saw nothing but four-seam fastballs before he smacked a two-RBI single.

Poor pitch sequencing by the veteran catcher whose supposed value is calling a good game. To be fair, maybe Nastrini shook him off a few times, but Maldonado is the master of the mound visit, he should be out there saying never shake me off rookie.

Another example of not being technically sound came in the fourth inning as the Jays picked up two more runs, one of them came on Dominic Fletcher’s throwing error to third. Even more annoying, Nastrini isn’t backing up third so Bichette easily gets to second.

It would be nice to see this team at least do the little things right and they cannot do that. It was known the season was going to be bad. The ask was to play at least a brand of baseball where the team is competitive and does not look like a blooper reel on most nights. Instead, it is a comedy of horrors most nights.