2 reasons to let go of Lance Lynn and 1 reason to keep him

With trade talks getting increasingly serious, it's time to consider if Lance Lynn is worth trading or keeping.

Division Series - Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros - Game One
Division Series - Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros - Game One / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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By no means is Lance Lynn having the best season of his professional baseball career but it would be a lie if he wasn't considered as one of the biggest starting pitcher names on the trade market this year.

Lance Lynn has a 6.06 ERA with 133 strikeouts in 108.1 innings pitched. While it was a sluggish first couple of months for the veteran, he has settled in quite nicely for the White Sox.

He is a veteran presence that can eat up a lot of innings and contending teams will find value in that.

Here are two reasons Lance Lynn should be let go and one reason why the White Sox should keep him (The Trade Deadline is August 1st):

Reason to Trade: The White Sox don't want his 2024 option

The Chicago White Sox don't need to risk having Lance Lynn in 2024.

Overall, Lynn has been a good addition to the White Sox organization. The only issue is the 18-million-dollar club option the contract has for the 2024 season.

The White Sox are most likely unwilling to pay that much for Lynn next season, meaning the right decision would be to trade him for guys the club can use in the near future.

Again, Lynn has been successful for the majority of his White Sox career but someone who has one of the worst ERAs in all of baseball should not be receiving that much money, no matter what the past suggests.

Considering the White Sox are one of the cheapest clubs in major league baseball, the smart move would be to move on from Lynn, exchange him for prospects, and be more financially stable.