2 White Sox trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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Come True: Rumor that Tim Anderson will be traded

The Chicago White Sox should absolutely trade Tim Anderson now.

Tim Anderson has been the face of the Chicago White Sox for a very long time now. Unfortunately, he might need a change of scenery going forward.

There are plenty of teams out there that would like to add someone like Tim Anderson, who has been really good since the All-Star break ended. Whether it’s at shortstop or second base he would be a great addition somewhere else.

Seeing Tim Anderson go would be tough but it is hard to see him last thing with the team in the long term. If the White Sox are going to have him on their next winning team, now would be a good time to trade him. 

Anderson is a good player and he deserves to be on a winning team starting now. After everything that’s happened this season, there’s no doubt that moving to another team could give him the boost he needs to become an elite player again.

Because of how bad he played in the first half of the season it is hard to tell what the return would be for a player like him right now. Hopefully, the White Sox are able to do what they need to do to get through the situation in a positive way.