2 White Sox trade rumors we hope come true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

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Don't come true: Trading Eloy Jimenez

The Chicago White Sox may make the mistake of trading Eloy Jimenez.

There shouldn’t be anybody on the Chicago White Sox that are untouchable. However, if they aren’t getting the right return for a specific player they should not move them.

If a team isn’t willing to give up a lot for Eloy Jimenez then he should stay put. He is a very good header that the White Sox should try to build around if they aren’t getting elite prospects in return.

Chances are they aren’t getting elite prospects for Eloy Jimenez because of his injury history and inability to play defense. Unless someone surprises them with their trade package they should keep him despite the rumors.

In addition to being a very good hitter, Eloy Jimenez brings a smile to people's faces and is very good for the locker room. It would be very nice to see him end up on a winning Chicago White Sox team and he is still young enough for that to be the case.

It is good to see this team getting value for people that they believe won’t be there in the long term but they should do what they can to keep Jimenez around because his bat is that good. 

At the end of the day, we just want the Chicago White Sox to be a good team again. In order for that to happen changes do need to be made but they should be careful with what changes they end up making.

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