2023 Chicago White Sox mid-season report cards with letter grades

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The Chicago White Sox are loaded with players having D-type season.


Gavin Sheets, Yasmani Grandal, and Pedro Grifol

Both Gavin Sheets and Yasmani Grandal have been underwhelming this season. Sheets and Grandal are essentially DHs at this point in their careers and both players are slugging below .400.

The most unfortunate part about this grade is that Grandal makes $18.25 million and has 6 home runs and 21 RBIs. Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t play much defense any more.

The jury is still out on Pedro Grifol. However, the team’s record indicates that the Sox are in trouble when it comes to the manager position.

The energy was there but the execution has not been. His addiction to pitching Joe Kelly in big moments has cost the team multiple games and his refusal to move Tim Anderson lower in the order is a head-scratcher as well.

The only reason why he has not received an F is because the roster just may not be that good.