3 bad players you forgot were on the White Sox in 2023

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
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2. Hanser Alberto

The 2023 Chicago White Sox had Hanser Albert on their team for a while.

Every MLB team has their spring training hero. This is someone that comes to spring training not expecting to make the team that does in the end. Most of the time, this player dominates in spring and convinces people that he is going to carry it into the regular season. 

For the White Sox in 2023, that player is Hanser Alberto. At this point of the season, some folks may have even forgotten that he was on the Sox at all. There is a chance that he was so bad that people try to forget he was ever there. 

For one, you might remember when he injured Tim Anderson and he missed some time only to come back and be a shell of himself. Anderson has started to hit better again but it hasn’t been the same since before that injury. 

In 2023, he was so bad and his stats reflect it. Not a single other team picked him up once the White Sox let him go and he is still a free agent. In 30 games this year, he slashed .220/.261/.390 with an OPS of .652. He hit three home runs as well with 16 RBI and 11 runs scored in those 30 games as well. 

On June 2nd, he was designated for assignment. Again, Alberto didn’t play well but he got to live out a part of another year in MLB. We’ll see what happens to him after year 8 in the league.