3 bad players you forgot were on the White Sox in 2023

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3. Jose Ruiz

The Chicago White Sox couldn't get rid of Jose Ruiz fast enough.

Like Jake Diekman, Jose Ruiz was a bad reliever during most of his time with the team. He tried hard to make it work but halfway through the 2023 season, the Sox had enough of him. The fanbase was pretty ready to move on as well. 

Ruiz, like Diekman and unlike Alberto, was able to latch onto another team. He is currently a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks and has been pretty much since he left Chicago.

Ruiz was on a couple of very good White Sox teams (2020,2021) so he knows how to stay cool in a playoff race which is what the D-Backs are in. 

Coming into the year, there was hope that Ruiz was going to be really good because of the fact that he was awesome with Team Venezuela at the World Baseball Classic. Unfortunately, he got back to his old ways with the Sox once the MLB season started. 

With the White Sox, Ruiz had a 22.09. With the Diamondbacks, it is at 4.43. Obviously, those four appearances with the Sox early on made it clear that he didn’t have it going well. Of course, this kind of stuff continues to happen to this organization. Players leave and thrive elsewhere.

He isn’t quite as good as Diekman right now but he is better than before the trade. Again, it was only four games for him before they pulled the plug so it is easy to forget it ever happened. 

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