3 biggest mistakes that doomed the White Sox in 2023

The three biggest mistakes that doomed the Chicago White Sox in 2023.
Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals
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Not Hiring a General Manager from the Outside

This is a problem that is going to continue this year and that’s unfortunate. Owner Jerry Reinsdorf got his guy without interviewing anyone from anywhere else. That was a mistake.

If this team needed a new GM, which they did, they needed someone from outside the organization with fresh ideas and a fresh perspective on things. That tends to work well in some organizations but maybe not the White Sox? Who knows, but at least the owner could have gone out and interviewed someone outside of the organization to gain ideas and learn more about other organizations.

Having the same guy there, in Getz, almost defeats the purpose of firing Hahn and Williams. You are still stuck with the same thing, aren’t you? We’ll see.

Getz hasn’t wowed anyone with his offseason yet and probably won’t. And this flat offseason is going to lead to an even worse season where some think that the White Sox won’t even win 70 games. Change was necessary, change is what we got, but not the kind of change that this team needed. 

They must now give Getz a chance to either look great or look terrible. A decision won’t come this year and probably not next year, either. Let’s just hope Getz “gets” his stuff together and the White Sox perform well because the way it looks right now, it appears as if another dismal season is ahead of us.