3 Braves prospects the White Sox should target in a Dylan Cease trade

The Chicago White Sox should be looking to trade for great young talent.

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Hurston Waldrep would make a lot of sense for the Chicago White Sox

At number two is Hurston Waldrep. He is a strong right-handed pitcher who has nasty stuff that can be at the front of a rotation, but who he is still working on improving his command. Waldrep was drafted in 2023 in the first round (24th overall) by Atlanta which is a tad lower than where most mock drafts had him going ahead of the 2023 draft.

In 2023, he played in A, A+, AA, and AAA. In 8 total starts, he had an ERA of 1.53. He struck out 41 batters in 29.0 innings pitched. He allowed 11 walks which is something that he is working on cleaning up. For being 21 years old, he has a lot of upside and is already off to a great start.

The White Sox would love to add a pitching prospect like this to the mix. Dylan Cease's spot in the organization can be replaced with a guy like this but it would take some time for him to reach that high-end starter status. Assuming he can throw some more strikes, Waldrep's fastball/splitter combo could be a dominant force in Chicago's rotation for years to come.

If the Braves are willing to move some prospects in a deal like this, Waldrep is one to consider. His numbers are very good, he is young, and the White Sox could end up liking his long-term future a lot. If he can work on that control a little, his stuff will take care of the rest.