3 Braves prospects the White Sox should target in a Dylan Cease trade

The Chicago White Sox should be looking to trade for great young talent.

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Cade Kuehler is someone that the Chicago White Sox should target

Cade Kuehler is the number four guy in the Braves' system, but he makes sense as one of the three to consider because of his age. Kuehler ended the season in A and is a right-handed pitcher. Just like the other two pitchers mentioned, he is 21 years old. A young pitcher like him is someone the White Sox have a better chance of developing properly.

In 2023, he was drafted by Atlanta and he joined the organization with high hopes. He made his way to A-ball and made two starts and he pitched in 7.0 innings and only gave up one hit, four walks, and no runs. It is a good start, but he has a long way to go. One reason to get excited about Kuehler is that he checks a lot of boxes when it comes to analytics as his fastball and slider both grade out very well.

If the White Sox traded Cease for a prospect like this, it would be a while before the payoff but the return could come back to look awesome in a few years. Kuehler is a good player and the White Sox might want to think about making sure he is coming back if they trade for Cease.

A return for Cease isn't going to be just one or two players so there are other prospects to consider but these three might be centers of a trade. If they could somehow land two of the three, that would be even better. A trade like this could work out for both sides.

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