3 catchers the Chicago White Sox can acquire in a trade

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2. Victor Caratini

The Chicago White Sox would do well landing Victor Caratini right now.

The Chicago White Sox could make a deal for Victor Caratini of the Milwaukee Brewers. He has actually had a good year with them as one of their catchers.

William Contreras is their starting catcher but Caratini has done a great job as their backup. He is even the personal catcher of Corbin Burnes which means that elite pitchers like throwing to him. We've seen the White Sox have success with guys like that before.

Caratini has some experience in Chicago as well. He was the catcher for the Chicago Cubs from 2017-2020. He was with the San Diego Padres in 2021 and joined the Milwaukee Brewers ahead of the 2022 season. Now, we'll see if he gets moved before the deadline.

What would it take for the White Sox to get someone like Caratini? Well, the White Sox are sellers so anything is possible. Caratini plus some prospects for a starting pitcher or hitter makes a ton of sense. We'll see if he ends up getting moved.