3 catchers the Chicago White Sox can acquire in a trade

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3. Willson Contreras

Seeing the White Sox trade for Willson Contreras would be hilarious.

We just talked about Victor Caratini backing up William Contreras in Milwaukee. Well, William’s brother Willson Contreras (who Caratini has also backed up in his career) is the catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. 

He is not having a good year with his new team. His bat is about how it always is but he has struggled behind the plate. That means that he is perfect for the Chicago White Sox right now. 

The White Sox could use him to get a good return in a trade. If the Cardinals gave up some prospects, they could get rid of Contreras and a couple of good White Sox players. 

They probably believe they will be better again next year which is something the White Sox can’t confidently say. It may be worth it for them to make a trade like this and try. 

Of course, Willson Contreras has plenty of experience with Chicago as he won a World Series and was a great player with the Chicago Cubs.  Now, seeing him come to the White Sox would be awesome. 

None of these catchers are the long-term answer but acquiring each of them makes sense for the White Sox in slightly different ways. At the end of the day, this team needs to try and make the future bright again. 

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