3 changes we'd already make to the Chicago White Sox

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
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2. Gavin Sheets should never play outfield

The White Sox don't need to ever have Gavin Sheets in the outfield.

Gavin Sheets can be a very good power-hitting lefty in the Chicago White Sox lineup. This team lacks left-handed hitters so having him around has been nice for that reason alone.

Sheets is also just an all-around good person that is nice to have on the team. However, there is one major flaw to his game.

Sheets is a terrible outfielder. He isn't even really that good of a first baseman but that is his natural position so it is likelier that he will improve there.

He is not good to the point where he trips and falls if he gets a bad initial read on the ball. He should be the designated hitter whenever he is in the starting lineup and he should be taken out after any pinch-hit appearances unless he is going to first base defensively. The outfield just isn't for him.