3 changes we'd already make to the Chicago White Sox

San Francisco Giants v Chicago White Sox
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3. Pitching management

Pedro Grifol needs to be much better with his pitching management.

The Chicago White Sox have a better manager right now than they did last year. You can't get much worse at managing from a baseball point of view than Tony La Russa in his second stint with the team so as long as Grifol gets the team to try hard and have good vibes, they will be a better team.

The vibes have been slightly better and the team looks like they want to actually be there which is nice to see.

However, the pitching management hasn't been much of an improvement so far this year. Pedro Grifol seems to love Jake Diekman way too much and he is overused.

The way that he has used the bullpen following the starter hasn't been good so far so we'll see if that is able to be improved. It is something, like everything on this list, that needs to change as soon as possible if the White Sox are going to go far in the regular season this year.

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