3 Chicago White Sox early 2023 season trade targets

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2. Travis d'Arnaud - C - Braves

The Chicago White Sox might be in the market for a new catcher.

The Atlanta Braves decided to get Sean Murphy during the off-season in a three-way trade. He is a very good catcher and so is Travis d'Arnaud who has been with them for a bit now.

d'Arnaud has a club option in 2024 but it isn't likely that they keep him because of the aforementioned trade. It is a big decision for them to trade one of them this year but it might be something that they consider.

They use both of them pretty regularly as one can be the DH when he isn't catching. If they did decide to move one of them, however, they might be able to get something else that helps them in a different area of their lineup.

The White Sox don't have a great situation behind the plate as Yasmani Grandal and Seby Zavala just aren't cutting it.

If d'Arnaud came in and signed a longer-term deal beyond 2024, the White Sox might be able to have their starting catcher for a while. This isn't necessarily likely but it could happen.